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One Stop Shopping

Procurement and engineering professionals are being asked to do more with less every day in today’s business environment. M&P USA gets it and is ready to provide support and manpower to lighten your load. We are here to help you meet your obligations to your customers by responding to your changing design and production needs. Our customer base ranges from heavy industry to consumer goods. This has given us a broad understanding of the role we play as a critical supplier of your precision component parts. M&P USA has made a business out of making your life easier and your company more profitable.

M&P Manufacturing USA’s factories can build-to-print engineered precisionmetal parts and customplastic parts, as well as design and build complexdie cast molds,stamping tools and injection molding tools. We also offer a number of related services such as product assembly,prototype and short run production,design analysis, and logistics options. With this range of capabilities our customers get one-stop-shopping for a broad range of precision mechanical component parts. M&P USA is strictly a build-to-print OEM supplier and we have no in-house products to create conflicts of interest or confidentiality issues. Each customer and their proprietary information is maintained with absolute discretion to assure your mission critical engineering specifications are safe. M&P has our own production facilities. We do not quote on parts that are not within our capabilities. Our customers enjoy the benefits of excellent pricing and extensive capacity while conducting business in the US, in English and in Dollars.

Superior Consistent Quality

M&P USA delivers consistently high quality product, shipment after shipment. We use strict process control combined with a multi-level quality inspection process to ensure every delivery you receive from M&P can go directly to stock and on the production floor. We can tailor our quality documentation to meet your unique needs such as providing US based metallurgical analysis of cast alloys to assure specification compliance.

Service Service Service

The M&P USA team takes great pride in our superior customer service. We understand the urgency you face in doing your job and are always available to assist you with prompt attention. We strive to build long term partnerships with our customers by understanding your product and the market that it serves. We are agile and tailor our services to meet the special needs of each individual customer.

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