Here at M&P Manufacturing USA, we have more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision-machined and cast-component parts for OEM customers. We work with clients across a range of different industries, from agriculture and automotive to transportation and utility.

We provide a range of complementary services — including grinding, heat treatment, and finishing — which means our products are seen all the way through, from start to finish. Every item undergoes a thorough inspection at multiple stages of production, so customers can be assured of optimal quality and reliability.

The M&P team has extensive experience working with both ferrous and non-ferrous casting. We offer precision die casting (aluminum, zinc, and Zamak), sand casting (ferrous and non-ferrous, with a range of geometry options), investment casting (ferrous and non-ferrous), and gravity or permanent mold casting (aluminum, zinc, brass, and copper). In particular, we’re proud to specialize in non-ferrous precision die casting process technology.

Our Casting Machines and Capabilities

Ranging from 280 tons to 1,750 tons, our machines can mold parts to a maximum of 13 kg (about 29 lb) and 1,500 by 1,100 mm (59 inches by 43 inches). Our in-house tool shop grants us total control of the entire process and ensures only the highest-quality materials are used. Our experienced engineering staff uses advanced mold flow software to control porosity even in large, open-geometry parts.

Every part we produce has a documented process control program to ensure consistent products lot to lot. Furthermore, our ISO material control system guarantees there is no metal contamination whatsoever. A range of casting processes are available: air set, continuous, counter pressure, densification, high-pressure, hot chamber, impregnation, low-pressure, pressure cast, Shaw process, static, tilt-poured, vacuum, and vacuum impregnation.

Specific mold types used include ceramic, cope and drag, high-pressure die, low-pressure die, plaster, precision ceramic shell, shell, and solid. Available process materials include dry sand, foam, green sand, oil sand, sand, and wax.

All pieces hold tight tolerances to meet — and even exceed — strict industry standards. We can handle a range of production-volume needs, whether clients require prototypes, low- or high-volume orders, or blanket orders. Lead times are quoted on a job-to-job basis, but rush orders are available.

Casted products allow for a range of unique benefits; parts can be made to be abrasion-resistant, acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant, enameled, heat-resistant, heat-treated, high-tension, plastic-coated, plated, and wear-resistant.

Our production facility holds ISO 9001:2008/TS 16949 certification and adheres to a number of industry standards — including those set forth by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the American Welding Society (AWS), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to name just a few.

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Dedicated to quality in everything we do, M&P Manufacturing USA is proud to provide industry-leading casting services for clients across diverse industries. Guiding projects through every step of the production process and conducting thorough inspections at multiple stages, M&P ensures an optimal fit for all types of application needs. And since we provide a wide range of secondary services, we can offer a 100% in-house approach.

To learn more about our precision die casting capabilities and discuss your exact needs with an expert, reach out to the team today.

Casting Services

Casting Services