The team at M&P Manufacturing USA has extensive experience in both toolmaking and part production for plastic injection molding, turning out custom parts at facilities across the United States and abroad. Our tool shop is run by a team of highly experienced engineers capable of handling even the most complex projects, including those requiring multiple slides, unscrewing, multi-shot overmolding, and unconventional mold configurations.

Key services include feasibility analysis, mold design, material recommendations, and mold flow analysis. We can also ensure six-hour, non-stop production break-in runs. Top-quality materials and components are the key to problem-free tooling, so we use the highest-performance materials, employing LKM mold frames, top-quality European and U.S. steel, and standardized components. And to ensure ultimate reliability, we work only with well-respected, qualified suppliers. Steel and heat treatment certifications are provided for all hardened steels.

Plastic Injection and Compression Molding Capabilities and Applications

Through plastic injection and compression molding, M&P can produce a wide range of plastic parts, including micro parts, miniature and small parts, large parts, component parts, multi-component parts, and high-precision parts. We can also create class A surfaces, and offer cleanroom production capabilities.

We work with a number of mold process types, including gas-assisted, in which nitrogen gas is injected during the molding cycle through the sprue or directly into the mold tool, which helps to overcome sink marks, or by creating a cavity without the need for a core. We can handle high press-tonnage jobs, in which an injection molding machine exerts very high clamping forces, typically to produce large parts, as well as in-mold assembly, which allows a metal insert to be embedded into a part in one operation for improved product structure and increased strength.

Other services include two-shot molding, which allows us to produce complex moldings from two different polymers at the same time, during a single machine cycle, in order to create moldings with more than one color or with different materials combined in one molding. Co-injection and full-density services are offered, as well as insert molding, in which parts are combined into a single component through the injection of thermoelastomers around a carefully placed insert.

The M&P team also provides insert encapsulation, lost-core, mold-to-color, and multiple-shot services. Overmolding, as with two-shot molding, gives us the ability to produce complex moldings from two different polymers at the same time, during one machine cycle, to create moldings with more than one color or with different materials combined in one molding. And finally, thin wall and undercut molding services are offered as well.

M&P is able to accommodate the needs of wide range of industries, including agriculture and farming, alternative energy, appliance, communications, dental, energy, firearms, hydraulics, manufacturing, marine, medical, molding, plumbing, pneumatics, robotics, transportation, and turf and garden.

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To ensure optimal quality, we guide projects through every step of the production process and conduct thorough inspections at multiple stages — meaning our customers can rest assured that they’ll receive only the highest-performing parts. Our range of secondary services allows us to maintain a 100% in-house approach. Shot sizes range from under 1 gram to 8 kilograms, and we make use of the MUD® quick-change system to allow for faster production changeovers; more specifically, we employ the Master Unit Insert 08/09, 10/12, and 12/14 Series.

Catering to countless industries across the globe, M&P Manufacturing USA is proud to be a one-stop shop for all types of molding needs. From product selection and manufacturing to post-process inspection, quality remains at the forefront of everything we do.

To learn more about our plastic injection and compression molding capabilities and discuss how we can help with your next project, contact the team today.


  • Complete in-house tool making capability
    • Shot size range from under 1 gram up to 8kg.
    • MUD mold(Master unit Insert 08/09, 10/12and 12/14 series)
    • Complex slides
  • Molding machines ranging from 50 to2000 tons
  • Multiplecavity
  • Hot runner
  • Regrind capable
  • Thin wall parts
  • Insert molding
  • Overmolding
  • Two Shot Molding
  • Secondary operations such as ultrasonic inserts
  • Complete secondary machining
  • Assembly
  • Finishing including
    • Paint (Powder and liquid)
    • Metallization
    • Printing – Silk screen and Pad

Mold making

Molding plastic part