One of the biggest nuisances for dogs and cats — and their owners — is fleas. Enter the ParaVue DX flea and tick scanner, which the team at M&P Manufacturing had a big hand in producing. This innovative medical device, used in many veterinarian offices, stuns fleas and ticks catching a ride on pets, vacuums the fleas off the animals, and displays the pests on a magnified screen so that the extent of the infestation can be determined and a customized treatment plan can be devised.

The ParaVue DX eliminates the need to flea-comb pets, during which scores of fleas can jump around the veterinarian’s office and potentially infect other animals. Aside from being bothersome and generally “icky,” ticks and fleas can carry life-threatening diseases, so containing and treating the issue as soon as possible is essential.

Project Details

To complete this project, M&P Manufacturing developed 29 injection molds using five different materials and four colors. All parts had to be a perfect color match, regardless of the material used. Through careful coordination with our resin suppliers and colorimeter measurements, we were able to successfully complete the job.

When creating the ParaVue DX, our plastic material science capabilities, complex injection mold tooling design, and cutting-edge injection molding capabilities were utilized. Final parts ranged from 1 square inch to 24 x 18 x 10 inches. The tightest tolerances were held at +/- 0.005. Clear polycarbonate, color-matched ABS, color-matched PC/ABS blend, Delrin® (POM), and color-matched polypropylene were used in the production of these tick and flea monitors. M&P is capable of turning out 1,000+ sets a month, with a delivery and turnaround time of 16 weeks.

Through our advanced plastic injection molding services, M&P Manufacturing was able to help combat an expensive, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous issue plaguing thousands and thousands of animals and their owners every year.

The Paravue DX flea and tick monitor is proof that with an expert team, an answer for those nagging everyday problems is well within reach.

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