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Precision Casting:

The M&P Manufacturing USA foundry has the highest competence in non-ferrous precision die casting process technology. We have machines ranging from 280 to 1750 tons and can mold parts up to a maximum of 13kg and 1500 x 1100 mm. We also produce precision castings using investment, permanent mold and sand casting processes.  Our in-house tool shop allows us to control the process from start to finished part using only the highest quality materials. Our experienced engineering staff uses mold flow software to control porosity even in large open geometry parts. Every part has a documented process control program to assure consistent product lot-to-lot. Our ISO material control system guarantees no metal contamination. All this, combined with our precision machining and finishing capability, we can repeatedly produce complete finished parts to exacting specifications.

  • Full In-House Tool Making

    Permanent Mold

  • Die Casting 
    • Aluminum 
    • Zinc 
    • Zamac 

  • Investment Casting 
    • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous 

  • Permanent Mold or Gravity Casting 
    • Aluminum 
    • Zinc 
    • Brass 
    • Copper

  • Sand
     die cast
    • Ferrous and Non Ferrous  
    • Large Geometry Capability
  • Complete Secondary Maching 
    • Milling or Turning 
    • Parts 1M Square or Larger 
    • Close Tolerance Capability (5 Micron) 

  • Heat Treatment 

  • Polishing and Grinding 

  • Finishing including; 
    • Paint (Powder and Liquid) 
    • Plating 
    • Chemical Film 
    • Anodize 

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